• Grandparents are one of the best inventions.

    Grandparents are one of the best inventions.

    Though living abroad has had its difficult moments…. It’s times like this but I can’t help but smile. Alhamdulilah for having amazing grandparents for my kids. Share This:

  • Fireflies


    When Naani and Pops were here we went to a place where we took a boat on a river at night time to see thousands of fireflies.  It was amazing! Subhanallah! It felt like a dream. Share This:

  • Langkawi – Mangroves

    Langkawi – Mangroves

    Ibby’s journal entry for Mangrove trip  Naani and Pops <3 Fam Pic Shells!  They were amazing mashallah Checkin out the monkies Our tour guide.  He was awesome.  Taught us so many interesting things like:-If you’re ever lost in the jungle, […]

  • Langkawi – Snorkeling

    Langkawi – Snorkeling

    Alhamdulillah we had a really nice family vacation with the grandparents to an island in Malaysia called Langkwawi.  MashaAllah it was awesome 🙂 Boarding the plane for the one hour flight On the plane with Naani Playing chess in the […]

  • Naani!


    Naani has been here and weve been busy with her…. Twin towers, Kuala Lumpur Krabi, Thailand Our resort in Thailand Riding elephants in Thailand Beach Thailand <3 Snorkeling in Thailand Walking though the rainforest Chillin with Naani and Baba at […]

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