• Welcome Ramadan Baskets

    Welcome Ramadan Baskets

    I’ve seen this idea going around on Blogs and Facebook: to gift the kids Welcome Ramadan Baskets right before the first Taraweeh.  Alhamdulilah the three kids now are at the age where I could get something for each of them. […]

  • Interview with Ambareen

    Interview with Ambareen

    Welcome Ambareen!  She is an eclectic homeschooler of six mashaAllah.  Not only has she successfully homeschooled her children for over a decade, she has written two chapter books, with a third one on it’s way.  Be sure to check out […]

  • Tree Planting

    Tree Planting

    Alhamdulilah we were able to take part in the One Million Trees project this year for the second time.  The city of Mississauga is aiming to plant 1,000,000 by 2032 and each year organizations are able to help out.  MashaAllah […]

  • Interview with TMH Admins

    Interview with TMH Admins

    Alhamdulilah it’s so good to be back at the blog after a little bit of a break (due to life ‘getting in the way’)!  As always, I am so honoured that not just one, but all three of the admins […]

  • Interview with Reena

    Interview with Reena

    Welcome Reena!  She is a sister who works in the health promotion field and strives to empower women to have a united mind, body and soul.  She offers workshops to women and girls residing in the GTA promoting mental health wellness. […]

  • Confession: Messy Room

    Confession: Messy Room

    This week is a confession kinda week. Exhibit A – kids messy room. … Just in case you thought I always have it all together or something crazy like that.  I wont show you my bedroom, it’s a lot scarier. […]

  • Book Challenge / Confession

    Book Challenge / Confession

    This post could go two ways. 1 – I could tell you how I had this awesome idea to have a book challenge with my kids. Told them if they reach their goals, they can take a trip to Chapters […]

  • Bookshelf


    Another peak at our ever changing work/ play space. Share This:

  • Interview with Madiha

    Interview with Madiha

    Welcome Madiha!  This interview is very close to my heart, as the eldest child of this family happens to by my eldest’s very best friend. Madiha and I have been pregnant together and through the ups and downs of homeschooling […]

  • My New Happy Place

    My New Happy Place

    Alhamdulillah, loving my new happy place.  We’re a little tight on space at the moment, but I got this desk off my mom and put it in my bedroom.  I think having a place like this really makes a difference […]