• Temperature Chart

    Temperature Chart

    Yusuf and I started to do this simple chart. I just wrote the numbers -20 to 35 and we check the temperature on anad then he puts a dot beside the number. Theres no reason why some dots are […]

  • 1-100


    mashallah Yusuf wrote the numbers 1-100 Share This:

  • Diaper Math

    Diaper Math

    The boys’ room was a mess today! So we spent a while cleaning it up… There was a pack of diapers on the floor and Yusuf decided to sort the diapers based on the character on the front. There were […]

  • Smartie Math

    Smartie Math

    Ive been wanting to do this activity for a while now.I wrote numbers 1-10 on pieces of paper, then gave Yusuf a bowl of smarties for him to put the amount of smarties that was written on the paper above. […]

  • Measuring


    Since Yusuf is into tools these days I gave him a measuring tape to measure different things in the house. It was a little advanced for him but I helped him and he really enjoyed it. Share This:

  • Egg Carton Math

    Egg Carton Math

    After having breakfast yesterday I took the egg carton and put numbers 1-18 on them. I got a bunch of beads and tried explaining to him how to put the number of beads into each section. He didnt really understand […]

  • Neat Math

    click here Share This:

  • Water Math Bag

    Water Math Bag

    I got this idea from a blog [seriously I dont think I would be able to homeschool if it weren’t for all the ideas I get on blogs]. We drew a line down the middle of a ziploc bag, put […]

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