• What I am grateful for….

    What I am grateful for….

    I want Yusuf to practice his writing skills more so Im trying to do it in an indirect way since the old fashioned writing drills dont exactly excite him.  Today I made a chart for him and asked him to […]

  • ‘Yusuf’s dream’

    ‘Yusuf’s dream’

    Yusuf’s description: this is my dream. Ibraheem has a smiling face and I have a monster face. This is Ibraheem’s long leg hugging me. And the end was the beginning. Share This:

  • Drawing


    Yusuf drew a picture of him and Pops on the snowmobile. And Naani is watching them from the window. [Note Naani’s hair] Share This:

  • Markers


    Ibby made it clear to us that he was not into car painting. But, today Yusuf coloured a picture to send in the mail to my parents… and as usual, Ibby was trying to copy. So I got a big […]

  • Map


    Yusuf has been spening alot of time making this map today. He used pieces of tape to represent peoples houses. Share This:

  • Drawing


    This morning I was getting ready for Arabic class when Yusuf decided that he would go to his desk and start writing. When I came out of the washroom, he came running to me and said “Momma, look, I drew […]

  • Picture


    Yusuf’s Description: The x’s are soccer players. At the top I drew a referee and I wanted to connect the dots. I made a big S because s is for soccer. The circles are the cheerleaders. Nothing else. Share This: