• Science Center… 4th time this year

    Science Center… 4th time this year

    We bought a membership for the science center and alhamduliah were getting good use out of it. This was our fourth trip since January. This time we went with Baba and we also went to the IMAX which Yusuf really […]

  • Welcome Home Baba

    Welcome Home Baba

    Yusuf’s cousin helped as well. Share This:

  • Egg Carton Math

    Egg Carton Math

    After having breakfast yesterday I took the egg carton and put numbers 1-18 on them. I got a bunch of beads and tried explaining to him how to put the number of beads into each section. He didnt really understand […]

  • Our Morning

    Our Morning

    We made our family = ) Baba made a maze for Yusuf And Ibby played with magnets on the fridge. Until he thought it more exciting to throw them across the kitchen…. Share This: