• Drawing


    This morning I was getting ready for Arabic class when Yusuf decided that he would go to his desk and start writing. When I came out of the washroom, he came running to me and said “Momma, look, I drew […]

  • Preschool Class

    Preschool Class

    Today we went to the preschool class. They practiced their names (writing and with stickers) and made a snow picture. Share This:

  • Picture


    Yusuf’s Description: There is a D. And there is a door. Share This:

  • Picture


    Yusuf’s Description: The x’s are soccer players. At the top I drew a referee and I wanted to connect the dots. I made a big S because s is for soccer. The circles are the cheerleaders. Nothing else. Share This:

  • Doorbell


    Yusuf decided he needed a doorbell for his room. Completely his idea. We now have three around the house. Share This:

  • Snowman Puppets

    Snowman Puppets

    Yesterday we had a friend over and made snowman puppets out of cotton balls and paper bags. Share This:

  • Preschool Time: The  Mitten

    Preschool Time: The Mitten

    The book that was read (which I found to be pretty cute) The activity that was done after the story (as you can tell, Yusuf doesn’t like to colour!) Yesterday I took Yusuf and his friend to the Ontario Early […]

  • Playgroup: Winter

    Playgroup: Winter

    It was our turn to host playgroup today. For January we are doing a unit study on winter inshaallah. We read this book called “Snow.”We also watched a time lapse of the four seasons. To watch, click hereWe passed a […]

  • Welcome Home Baba

    Welcome Home Baba

    Yusuf’s cousin helped as well. Share This:

  • My Friends

    My Friends

    Today at Deen class the kids learned that the word ‘Sahabah’ means the companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. They learned some names of the sahabah such as : Abu Bakr, Uthmaan, Ali, Umer, and Bilal. Then they did this […]

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