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IMG_2837We recently received this awesome book as a gift.  MashaAllah my kids loved it! Especially my three year old who insists we read it almost every night before bed.  As someone who really lacks story telling skills, I enjoyed reading this to my kids, because of the adventurous and creative nature.  The pages are filled with bright and colourful pictures and I loved how the author included a little reference to the mention of spiders in the Quran at the end (since there is a spider in the story!).

This book is available at Salam Shop or you can go directly to the author’s site to check out her blog and more information.

I’m happy to have this book as a part of our library (especially since the name of the main character is the same name as my eldest).  Looking forward to a part two of this book… or perhaps the start of a series. 😉


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