• Fruits and Vegetables

    Fruits and Vegetables

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  • Milk + Food Colouring

    Milk + Food Colouring

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  • Ramadan Bulletin Board

    Ramadan Bulletin Board

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  • Yusuf’s Good Deeds

    Yusuf’s Good Deeds

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  • Ramadan Lanterns

    Ramadan Lanterns

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  • In training…

    In training…

    Ibby watching with lots of excitement! My big boy!My hard working helper = ) InshaAllah he’ll make a good husband some day ; ) Share This:

  • House


    Yusuf got a new carseat…which came in a big box, which meant an opportunity to make something cool 🙂 Heres what we did: Cut out a door and used a toilet paper roll for a door knob…. Made a mail […]

  • Bubble Paint

    Bubble Paint

    Yesterday we did bubble paint. I put a little bit of bubbles in each section of a muffin tin. Then added some food coloring. Yusuf then took a straw and blew into the bubbles. Once he made a bunch of […]

  • Money Circle Time

    Money Circle Time

    Today we did a circle time about money.After our usual things we do : surahs, songs and books, we read a book about coins. Then we opened Yusuf’s money bank and sorted all his coins. After we sorted and counted […]

  • Introducing…

    I want to keep my Umm Yusuf blog personal and private, so I decided to start a homeschooling blog where I can document our work and share ideas.Enjoy! = ) Share This: