• Neat Math

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  • White Board

    White Board

    To encourage Yusuf to write, I allowed him to use our big white board the other day. Since then he has been asking to do it again and again. Ive really noticed and improvement in his letters. MashaAllah = ) […]

  • Poster Map

    Poster Map

    I got this idea from here. Both boys are loving it. Its complete with: our house, the park, Tim Hortons, Gas Station and ISNA of course. I Share This:

  • Road Trip Scavengar Hunt

    Road Trip Scavengar Hunt

    We took a family road trip up north for the day on the long weekend. Since we had three kids in our car under the age of 5.. and spent over 6 hrs in the car, I thought this lil […]

  • Yusuf’s Day

    Yusuf’s Day

    I also got this idea from another blog. Basically its a schedule but not so rigid that it will be difficult to follow. I printed pictures that represent the major things we do in our day. In the morning I […]

  • Labels Book

    Labels Book

    Got this idea from another blog [sorry, cant remember which one]. Basically its a book of all the labels that are familar to Yusuf.. inshaAllah it will encourage literacy skills. Share This:

  • Crazy Forts ;)

    Crazy Forts ;)

    We borrowed this cool activity from the Resource Center = ) Baba helping Peeking out of the window All done, just needs the sheet on top Ibby “helping” Share This:

  • Water Math Bag

    Water Math Bag

    I got this idea from a blog [seriously I dont think I would be able to homeschool if it weren’t for all the ideas I get on blogs]. We drew a line down the middle of a ziploc bag, put […]

  • All About Me

    All About Me

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  • just changing around with the layout….still playing around… stay tuned = ) Share This: