• Leaves


    We went on a walk last week and while Yusuf rode his bike, I collected a few leaves. The next day when they dried out, we put the leaves under a paper and then rubbed crayons over the paper to […]

  • Yusuf’s Workplace

    Yusuf’s Workplace

    This is what Yusuf’s workplace looks like these days [we change it around often].It includes:-pictures to illustrate the timings of the five daily prayers-a poster of names and pictures of tools-his measuring activity-his hammering activity-a container of leaves we collected […]

  • Measuring


    Since Yusuf is into tools these days I gave him a measuring tape to measure different things in the house. It was a little advanced for him but I helped him and he really enjoyed it. Share This:

  • Hammering


    hGot this from our friend @ handmade beginnings [sorry cant find the link for that post].My grandpa was here last weekend doing some jobs for us around our place and since then Yusuf has been really interested in tools. Share […]

  • Baking Cookies

    Baking Cookies

    Today we made cookies. It was really fun! 🙂 We got the recipe from here. We made a few batches.. including one giant cookie, and a blue batch that Yusuf made with his cookie cutters. InshaAllah well take them to […]

  • Race to Nowhere Trailer

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  • White Board Writing

    White Board Writing

    Were still using the white board to write. Today I took it off the wall and put it on the floor for him which he enjoyed. I also wrote some words for him to copy which mashaAllah he did really […]

  • Egg Carton Math

    Egg Carton Math

    After having breakfast yesterday I took the egg carton and put numbers 1-18 on them. I got a bunch of beads and tried explaining to him how to put the number of beads into each section. He didnt really understand […]

  • Our Morning

    Our Morning

    We made our family = ) Baba made a maze for Yusuf And Ibby played with magnets on the fridge. Until he thought it more exciting to throw them across the kitchen…. Share This:

  • Education

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