• Confession: Messy Room

    Confession: Messy Room

    This week is a confession kinda week. Exhibit A – kids messy room. … Just in case you thought I always have it all together or something crazy like that.  I wont show you my bedroom, it’s a lot scarier. […]

  • Book Challenge / Confession

    Book Challenge / Confession

    This post could go two ways. 1 – I could tell you how I had this awesome idea to have a book challenge with my kids. Told them if they reach their goals, they can take a trip to Chapters […]

  • Bookshelf


    Another peak at our ever changing work/ play space. Share This:

  • Interview with Madiha

    Interview with Madiha

    Welcome Madiha!  This interview is very close to my heart, as the eldest child of this family happens to by my eldest’s very best friend. Madiha and I have been pregnant together and through the ups and downs of homeschooling […]

  • My New Happy Place

    My New Happy Place

    Alhamdulillah, loving my new happy place.  We’re a little tight on space at the moment, but I got this desk off my mom and put it in my bedroom.  I think having a place like this really makes a difference […]

  • Father Files: Cengiz

    Father Files: Cengiz

    Welcome Cengiz!  He is a father of four mashaAllah and teacher by profession.  Him and his wife have been homeschooling for about six years now and currently reside in Turkey.  What were your first impressions of homeschooling? My first encounter […]


    Interview with Bariah

    Welcome Bariah!  A mother of four children, including one with Autism, she is a nature loving, honest, awesome person who will definitely make you smile.  Raw and refreshing, she is the true definition of inspiration.  Grab a cup of chai (if the […]

  • Event @ Salam Shop

    Event @ Salam Shop

    Alhamdulillah we had our second event at Salam Shop this weekend. MashaAllah we had a good time… We played Boggle, Headbands, and Taboo. Looking forward to next months Session which will actually be about mental health. Share This:

  • Quran Competition

    Quran Competition

    Alhamdulilah both boys (along with their cousins) took part in ISNA Quran Competition.  Yusuf has taken part in a couple before, but this was Ibby’s first, mashaAllah.  I’m not a huge fan of the whole competitive aspect, since I know […]

  • Girl Guides

    Girl Guides

    In Girl Guides we made a Friendship poster for each other.  Each girl put six hearts ontheir paper and we went around writing nice thing to say about each other on each heart.  MashaAllah it was really sweet seeing them think […]