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Alright, it’s time to give this interview series a little twist.  It’s time to hear from homeschooling fathers!  Just like our moms, dads also come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Regardless of their unique contributions, they all have a valuable role.   May Allah SWT guide us to goodness, help us to be a shining example for our kids, and unite our hearts, Ameen.

For the first of this series, I asked my own husband to take part.

Here we go, welcome Mahmood…

What were your first impressions of homeschooling?  

I was caught off guard and unsure because I had never been exposed to it.  I was skeptical as I did not know how one could do homeschooling and still succeed in later years of their life (if they go into the school system).  I was worried about their social life as well as my own.

Were there any homeschooling myths that you heard of previously that were eventually debunked when your family began homeschooling?

Some of them were – kids will be antisocial, you may find that your kids are slower than others, that it is very difficult to keep them engaged in education at home.  Also that it may be hard for kids to learn from their parents and not take them as seriously as they would a teacher.  After years of experience, I have seen these points to be proven wrong.

What is the most challenging part of homeschooling?

For me it is not that difficult since wife does most of it. However keeping everyone, including wife mentally stable is very important.  They are always together so I need to make sure that things are running smoothly whenever I can.

What is your favourite part of homeschooling?

Having time to do hands on learning with the kids and being the person the kids go to for questions.  Having them at home encourages me to learn more along with them as well.  I enjoy having the flexibility to travel as well as having he flexibility for the children to concentrate on one subject over the other if there is a need.

Assuming that you work full time, outside of the house, are there things you wish you could do more of but can’t because of time constraints?

My time is very flexible, so I have been able to enjoy a lot of time engaging with the children and their activities.  However I do wish I had time to do more experiments, field trips and give my wife more breaks.

How do you feel you can offer your wife support (assuming she is the primary caretaker of your children)?

I think the best way is to be there for support and not be negative.  It is important to make sure that they know you are there for them if you ever need to step in and help.  Taking the kids out or letting my wife go out with her friends is also good.

Any advice to dads starting up on the homeschooling journey?

Don’t be so judgemental in the start.  Be objective and give it a try.  As they say, there is no harm in trying.  Homeschooling is not for everyone so its best to give it a go but if it doesn’t work out, then thats also okay.

What do you wish for your children’s future?

For them to be happy and pursue their dreams for which I will be there to support 100%.  I want them to leave a legacy behind and a stamp on humanity.  I hope they are future leaders, courageous, intelligent, self driven, loving, caring and true to their deen

What is your favourite (motivational) quote?


Jazakallah khair to Mahmood for your insight.  
We are looking forward to hearing from other Fathers in the future…. stay tuned. 

Happy Homeschooling!

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  1. Pat January 11, 2016 at 3:18 AM

    Life is a learning experience with so much at our fingertips. To those who wish to be taking part in this new way of education I admire your aims. When both parents are working so together with their children success will be the result


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