Langkawi – Snorkeling

Alhamdulillah we had a really nice family vacation with the grandparents to an island in Malaysia called Langkwawi.  MashaAllah it was awesome 🙂
Boarding the plane for the one hour flight

On the plane with Naani

Playing chess in the hotel room

Yusuf coming down the waterslide

Ibby and Pops coming down the slide

Monkeys outside our hotel room in the morning

On the boat off to a smaller island

My three snorkeling babies

Pops n Yusuf

Naani Summaiya and Momma… and Yusufs head

Looking at the fish.  There were TONS!  Including some baby sharks.

Pops feeding the fish

Naani, Pops, the boys and the fish

The beach we were at 

The water was crystal clear mashaAllah!

Baba n the boys on the way back 

Coming off the boat
Yusuf’s journal entry for our snorkeling trip.
Ibby’s journal entry for our snorkeling tip

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One Comment

  1. Pat October 15, 2014 at 2:55 AM

    Certainly, some unbelievable experiences And yes they are becoming world travellers. I love how Summaiya is walking down the aisle on the plane.

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