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I’ve always loved looking at pictures of other peoples workspaces and kids’ rooms so I decided to share some of ours.  At the moment we are living with extended family so we don’t have too much of our own space, but alhamdulillah, we are doing the best with what we have.

This is on top of their dresser.  They have
*Fish tank, which I believe is a great addition to a bedroom, its really calming to watch *Calligraphy frame from Malaysia
*Our weekly routine homeschooling schedule
*Frame from Dollarama with a cute saying on it
*Two white boards which I try to write inspirational sayings or messages to the kids
[At the moment, one has a Dr Suess quote from Oh the Places You’ll Go, and the other says ‘Family is where your story begins.’]
*And this week I have two MashaAllah awards for them which I got from Muslim Stickers.



This is one of the corners in their room.  It has
*Comfy bean bag chair
*A table from my childhood with an alarm clock and lamp
*Batik Paintings that each of the boys did when we were living in Malaysia
*A cool crayon melting picture given to us from a dear friend
*Pompom decorations that we got for Eid and never took down
*And a calming basket, which includes – musalahs (prayer mats), calming bottle, gratitude journals, stress balls, and aromatherapy spray.






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