Interview with a (7)
Interview with a (6)

Interview with a (5)An interview with all three of the much spoken about TMH!  May Allah reward them and their families for all their hard work.
Interview with a (3)A sister in the health promotion field with a focus on mental well being.  Check out her website, A Beautiful Health

6An interview that is very close to my heart.  Joining us all the way from Turkey.  Be sure to check out her blog.
Interview with a (2)Another father has joined us for the interview series.  A father of four, mashaAllah, and teacher by profession.

Interview with aA mom of four, including a son with Autism.  Raw, real and refreshing, Bariah will make you laugh and appreciate the little things in life.  A must read! 

7Our first guest from overseas!  A veterinary surgeon, freelance writer and mom of three who writes about her homeschooling adventures at Our Muslim Homeschool.

6It’s time to hear from some homeschooling dads! For the first of this series, we’ll be hearing from my own husband!  

5A homeschooling superstar, single mom of five (three of whom have their own nasheed album), owner of Zuhoor designs, co-founder of TMH

 A Waldorf / Charlotte Mason inspired mother of three who has lived and homeschooled in three countries. Check out her website Rawdahtul-ilm!

Eclectic whole life unschooling mother of four from the outskirts of GTA.

2 Another fellow homeschooler from GTA, mother of two boys.  Inspirational and lots of positive energy!  
1 A long time friend and fellow homeschooler from GTA, crafty mother of three girls, who has her own website, Handmade Beginnings.

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