• Journaling: Medieval Times

    Journaling: Medieval Times

    A friend gave me the idea of getting Yusuf to do journaling so we began today. This is our first one about our trip to medieval times with my family. Share This:

  • ‘Yusuf’s dream’

    ‘Yusuf’s dream’

    Yusuf’s description: this is my dream. Ibraheem has a smiling face and I have a monster face. This is Ibraheem’s long leg hugging me. And the end was the beginning. Share This:

  • Drawing


    Yusuf drew a picture of him and Pops on the snowmobile. And Naani is watching them from the window. [Note Naani’s hair] Share This:

  • Map


    Yusuf has been spening alot of time making this map today. He used pieces of tape to represent peoples houses. Share This:

  • A pet?

    MashaAllah Yusuf turned four today! I cant believe how fast time flies! Please remember him in your prayers.. may Allah give him (and all our children) a long life filled with emaan, taqwa, love and happiness. And may He always […]

  • Drawing


    This morning I was getting ready for Arabic class when Yusuf decided that he would go to his desk and start writing. When I came out of the washroom, he came running to me and said “Momma, look, I drew […]

  • Picture


    Yusuf’s Description: There is a D. And there is a door. Share This:

  • Picture


    Yusuf’s Description: The x’s are soccer players. At the top I drew a referee and I wanted to connect the dots. I made a big S because s is for soccer. The circles are the cheerleaders. Nothing else. Share This:

  • Doorbell


    Yusuf decided he needed a doorbell for his room. Completely his idea. We now have three around the house. Share This:

  • Yusuf’s Workplace

    Yusuf’s Workplace

    This is what Yusuf’s workplace looks like these days [we change it around often].It includes:-pictures to illustrate the timings of the five daily prayers-a poster of names and pictures of tools-his measuring activity-his hammering activity-a container of leaves we collected […]

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