• Boys Need Men

    Boys Need Men

    Alhamdulillah the boys are so blessed to have men in their lives whom they can spend time with, look up to, and learn from.  May Allah always keep them surrounded by good role models and bring them up to be […]

  • Skits


    Alhamduillah we are so blessed to be apart of a homeschooling co op where the kids get to learn seerah, tafseer, science and drama.  Recently the kids performed two skits for the parents.  One was demonstrating the series of events […]

  • Your Pain Will Make You Beautiful

    Your Pain Will Make You Beautiful

    Yusuf, Today my heart hurt for you.  It really, actually physically hurt for you. After class today, you were acting strange.  Like the annoying, misbehaving-but-actually-trying-to-act-tough kinda strange.  I could see past the attitude that there was confusion and pain.  And […]

  • Library Card

    Library Card

    Have I ever mentioned how happy I am to have libraries in our lives again?! Yusuf recently got his own library card, which was very exciting for him. Libraries are usually pretty good with giving kids card out so if […]

  • Eight


    Dear Yusuf, Oh Yusuf.  My sweet Yusuf.  My eldest, baby, big boy, Yusuf. How I wish I could slow time down with you.  Of all three of my children, you seem to grow the fastest.  If you only knew how […]

  • Week Two and Going Strong!

    Week Two and Going Strong!

       I believe in you my baby boy!   Share This:

  • Paper Route!

    Paper Route!

    Yusuf has started a paper route in our neighbourhood. It’s only been two weeks and its picking up slowly (ie the excitement was really high til it crashed when he realized how much work it was).  But I have hope […]

  • Oh Yusuf….

    Oh Yusuf….

    How you drive me crazy and melt my heart both at the same time. Share This:

  • To minecraft or not to minecraft…that is the question.

    To minecraft or not to minecraft…that is the question.

    Well…. the title is kinda a lie because I already decided to go ahead and minecraft.  Well, I let Yusuf minecraft. I have mentioned it before on my blog how anti-technology I tend to be at times with my kids. […]

  • Libraries


    Another thing we REALLY missed:  Libraries! Share This: