• Bookshelf


    Another peak at our ever changing work/ play space. Share This:

  • Comfy Cozy

    Comfy Cozy

    We recently bought a new mattress. We dont really have any place to store the old one, and I dont want to sell it either… so I had an idea – to let the boys use it as an area […]

  • Bullatin Board

    Bullatin Board

    Yusuf got a new Bullatin Board. Im excited 🙂 Share This:

  • Happiness is…

    Happiness is…

    …a freshly organized storage room! = ) Alhamdulillah we have two good sized storage rooms. This one (the cold cellar) was full of Mahmood’s aunt’s stuff. So I moved all of her house to the furnace room which also has […]

  • Yusuf’s Workplace

    Yusuf’s Workplace

    This is what Yusuf’s workplace looks like these days [we change it around often].It includes:-pictures to illustrate the timings of the five daily prayers-a poster of names and pictures of tools-his measuring activity-his hammering activity-a container of leaves we collected […]

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