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  • Science Wednesdays

    Science Wednesdays

    Since were living in Malaysia where it rains a  lot (and mosoon season is around the corner), we have been talking a lot about the water cycle.  This week we reviewed and continued it from last week. Here are some […]

  • Language Tuesday

    On Tuesday we focused on Language. Our work boxes included the following, along with some other things such as Math, since I don’t plan on completely sticking to one subject per day. -Yusuf has a habit of writing all in […]

  • Math Monday

    Math Monday

    On Monday we focused on Math.Some of the activities we had in our workboxes were: -MathUSee-Measuring Objects around the house (I made a list on a sheet of paper and Yusuf used a ruler to measure the things).  I also […]

  • Back to (Home)School

    Back to (Home)School

    September always makes me think. It makes me think about the what ifs, it makes me think about the whys and it makes me think about what homeschooling means to me as a mother, and us as a family.I remember […]

  • Lego Counting

    Lego Counting

    One of Ibby’s workbox activities today.  MashaAllah he loved it and it was so simple to put together. Share This:

  • Lego Sorting

    Lego Sorting

    Today one of Ibby’s work box activity was to sort lego onto matching pieces of paper.  He ended up only sorting a few and then he went ahead and made a castle instead. which was fine with me.  As long […]

  • Yusuf and Momma Journal

    Yusuf and Momma Journal

    I enjoy writing journals and letters to people (fiction is not my thing).   I have scrapbooks for my kids where I randomly write them letters to read when they are adults.  They will have to wait until they are […]

  • Work Boxes Day 2

    Work Boxes Day 2

    Alhamdulillah were enjoying our work boxes. Today’s boxes include:Yusuf-Quran to Practice surahsHadith colouring sheetReading logAllah’s prophets gameArabic letters file folderCheerios necklace Ibraheem-Hadith colouring sheetGeometric puzzleDry erase marker work bookReading logCheerios necklace I love how prepping the boxes takes me such […]

  • Work Boxes

    Work Boxes

    I am super excited for something new that we have started! Work boxes!My friend recently told me about this system and I have spent the last couple of days going through blogs and youtube videos about it.  I have to […]