• Kids’ Room

    Kids’ Room

    I’ve always loved looking at pictures of other peoples workspaces and kids’ rooms so I decided to share some of ours. ¬†At the moment we are living with extended family so we don’t have too much of our own space, […]

  • Picture


    Yusuf’s Description: The x’s are soccer players. At the top I drew a referee and I wanted to connect the dots. I made a big S because s is for soccer. The circles are the cheerleaders. Nothing else. Share This:

  • What Allah has given us

    What Allah has given us

    We have joined a class where kids between the ages of 3 – 6 yrs learn about Islam. The moms rotate taking turns teaching topics of seerah and tafseer. Yesterday we learned about the second ayah of surah fatiha, the […]

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