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  • Igloo


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  • Snowman Puppets

    Snowman Puppets

    Yesterday we had a friend over and made snowman puppets out of cotton balls and paper bags. Share This:

  • Playgroup: Winter

    Today we went to playgroup. MashaAllah it was a lot of fun. It started with our usual circle time (surahs and songs) but for the first time we had the kids do show n tell which was cute. Ibby took […]

  • Preschool Time: The  Mitten

    Preschool Time: The Mitten

    The book that was read (which I found to be pretty cute) The activity that was done after the story (as you can tell, Yusuf doesn’t like to colour!) Yesterday I took Yusuf and his friend to the Ontario Early […]

  • Ice!


    I saw this idea on a blog a few months ago but forget where.Anyways, we collected some stuff from our front yard (leaves, sticks, flowers, stones) then put them in a margarine container n filled it with water. We then […]

  • Playgroup: Winter

    Playgroup: Winter

    It was our turn to host playgroup today. For January we are doing a unit study on winter inshaallah. We read this book called “Snow.”We also watched a time lapse of the four seasons. To watch, click hereWe passed a […]

  • Eye Chart

    Eye Chart

    We made our own eye chart [I googled it]. 🙂 Share This:

  • Fingerprint Art

    Fingerprint Art

    Yesterday at playgroup we discussed the human body. We did this neat finger print craft to go along with the theme. Share This:

  • Labelling Body Parts

    Labelling Body Parts

    We traced Yusuf back in Ramadan to make a good deeds poster. It was hanging on his door but Ibby started ripping it any chance he could so we took it down n put it in the storage room. I […]

  • Unit Studies: Human Body

    I was privileged to take part in a meeting of homeschooling moms this weekend alhamdulilah.  It was awesome to meet and learn from these sisters.  Anyways, we discussed Unit Study as a form of homeschooling and I want to give […]