• Father Files: Cengiz

    Father Files: Cengiz

    Welcome Cengiz!  He is a father of four mashaAllah and teacher by profession.  Him and his wife have been homeschooling for about six years now and currently reside in Turkey.  What were your first impressions of homeschooling? My first encounter […]

  • Moms’ Tea & Games Afternoon @ My Salam Shop

    Moms’ Tea & Games Afternoon @ My Salam Shop

    As you may have seen before, I partnered together with My Salam Shop to hold monthly events for Moms.  This was our first time, and inshaAllah we will continue on the third Sunday of every month.  For our game this […]

  • Ibby’s Trip to Emerg

    Ibby’s Trip to Emerg

    We had a little bit of an incident with Ibby yesterday.  Alhamdulillah he is okay now but I felt like it was important I share what happened (to perhaps help anyone dealing with a similar situation in the future).  He […]

  • Tea & Games Afternoon @ Salam Shop

    Tea & Games Afternoon @ Salam Shop

    I am excited to be hosting an event at Salam Shop this upcoming weekend inshaAllah.  I fell in love with this place back in Ramadan when I went for the first time.  MashaAllah the sister who is running the store […]

  • Stay tuned…

    Alhamdulilah things are going well in hot, humid and sunny Malaysia. It’s been a roller coaster ride both emotionally and physically. We miss home but then get distracted with the new things were learning. We get exhausted but have adrenaline […]

  • Car Bingo

    Car Bingo

    The boys are both sitting in the very back (ibby usually sits in the middle with summaiya). This way yusuf can help him reach stuff in his back back. They’re busy playing their car Bingo 🙂 Share This:

  • Road Trip

    Road Trip

    We’re having a family road trip this weekend to Ottawa. We are attending an alkauthar class on tafseer of surah Taha. We also plan on visiting some friends who we made in hajj. We did some research on what there […]

  • Carnival


    Ive been missing my blog but with the nicer weather weve been pretty busy!Last weekend we spent the day (6 whole hrs!) at the local carnival… the boys had tons of fun mashallah. Share This:

  • Race to Nowhere Trailer

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  • just changing around with the layout….still playing around… stay tuned = ) Share This: