• Maple Syrup

    Maple Syrup

    We went to the Maple syrup festival again this year which alhamdulillah was enjoyable.  Ibby got more out of it this year than he did last.  And my grandma also joined us.   Heres the post from when we went […]

  • Skiing


    Alhamdulillah we were able to take part in a really fun skiing field trip with another homeschooling group! Kids really enjoyed themselves and Im happy they got this opportunity.  Yusuf has already been skiing twice at the age of five […]

  • Waste Management and Botanical Gardens

    Waste Management and Botanical Gardens

    Last week we went to the Waste Management place which was really interesting! We learned about all the different things you can recycle, how the landfill works, how we should compost, how we should try hard to avoid things going […]

  • Fire Truck Visit

    Fire Truck Visit

    Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE our playgroup? Mashallah we do some pretty awesome things!  This week we had a fire truck come to one of our houses for a presentation.  It was super cool! The fire fighters […]

  • Science Center… 4th time this year

    Science Center… 4th time this year

    We bought a membership for the science center and alhamduliah were getting good use out of it. This was our fourth trip since January. This time we went with Baba and we also went to the IMAX which Yusuf really […]

  • Farm


    We went on a homeschooler’s field trip to the farm and brought along GG (my grandmother). There was lots of fun things to do like a wagon ride, straw maze, climbing hay stacks, riding toy tractors, feeding chickens and goats […]

  • Maple Syrup Festival

    Maple Syrup Festival

    We went on a homeschoolers field trip to the Maple Syrup Festival. Alhamdulillah the weather was great (just very windy) and we really enjoyed ourselves. What made it really enjoyable was that we went with a group of friends, and […]

  • Fire Station

    Fire Station

    Today we had a homeschooler’s field trip to the local fire station. It was a lot of fun and very informative for both parents and kids. I would recommend the website Yusuf has been going on it for a […]

  • Science Center

    Science Center

    Me and the boys at the waterfall(since we went with alot of kids, we had special red playgroup shirts made) Yusuf’s ‘friend’ teaching him about camoflage Ibby ‘helping’ Yusuf build a ramp Checking out the skull Alhamdulilah we had a […]

  • Road Trip Scavengar Hunt

    Road Trip Scavengar Hunt

    We took a family road trip up north for the day on the long weekend. Since we had three kids in our car under the age of 5.. and spent over 6 hrs in the car, I thought this lil […]

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