• Orphanage Visit

    Orphanage Visit

    It has always been a dream of mine to visit and help out in an orphanage.  Alhamdulilah we had an opportunity to visit one here in Malaysia at the beginning of Ramadan.  Mashallah it was a very well kept and […]

  • Redang


    While the cousins were here, we visited an Island off the East coast of Malaysia and mashaAllah it was stunning!  The resport we stayed at was, umm, not the best of resorts.  But subhanallah, the view totally made up for […]

  • Indonesia


    We recently went to Indonesia for two days with the kids at the beginning of Ramadan. MashaAllah it was an interesting experience.  Alhamdulilah my kids (and I) are having the amazing opportunity to see parts of the world that I […]

  • Sepang


    Alhamdulillah we enjoyed a nice family vacation (along with the cousins!) to a beautiful resort not to far from our place.  The huts were on the water which was pretty cool and we pretty much spend the day at the […]

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