• Singapore


    We went to Singapore for two days. Just because. Not much to say about it. But it adds to the list of countries we’ve visited….. Share This:

  • Phuket, Thailand.

    Phuket, Thailand.

    The day after Naani and Pops left we went to Thailand.  Alhamdulilah it helped with the adjustment of them leaving…. We took the train to the airport   My little traveller   The clouds were stunning!   Hotel gave us […]

  • Kuantan, Malaysia

    Kuantan, Malaysia

    Babas coworker got married and invited us to attend.  It was about a three hour drive to the West Coast of Malaysia.  Mashallah it was a beautiful place!  I could stay at the beach forever <3 Share This:

  • Fireflies


    When Naani and Pops were here we went to a place where we took a boat on a river at night time to see thousands of fireflies.  It was amazing! Subhanallah! It felt like a dream. Share This:

  • Lost World of Tambun

    Lost World of Tambun

    We took the kids on a small trip to an area called Ipoh for and Eid treat.  Alhamdulilah it was very nice.  We went to a small theme park which wa surrounded by mountains. Mashallah it was so pretty and […]

  • Langkawi – Mangroves

    Langkawi – Mangroves

    Ibby’s journal entry for Mangrove trip  Naani and Pops <3 Fam Pic Shells!  They were amazing mashallah Checkin out the monkies Our tour guide.  He was awesome.  Taught us so many interesting things like:-If you’re ever lost in the jungle, […]

  • Langkawi – Snorkeling

    Langkawi – Snorkeling

    Alhamdulillah we had a really nice family vacation with the grandparents to an island in Malaysia called Langkwawi.  MashaAllah it was awesome 🙂 Boarding the plane for the one hour flight On the plane with Naani Playing chess in the […]

  • Hotel-ing


    One thing we have done a lot since moving is spending time in hotels.  Lately, Baba has been really busy with work, therefore he took us along with him.  Alhamdulillah we had good time…definitely beats sitting at home.  The boys […]

  • Goodbye Naani

    Goodbye Naani

    We had an amazing past three months with Naani. We had so many adventures, lots of laughs, tons of cuddles and lots of learning moments.  We slowed down on the typical subjects and focused more on enjoying one another’s company, […]

  • Naani!


    Naani has been here and weve been busy with her…. Twin towers, Kuala Lumpur Krabi, Thailand Our resort in Thailand Riding elephants in Thailand Beach Thailand <3 Snorkeling in Thailand Walking though the rainforest Chillin with Naani and Baba at […]