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  • Moments like these…

    Moments like these…

    …melt my heart mashaAllah <3 Especially when they spontaneously took out the books and blanket and positioned themselves on the sofa like this together, all while I was busy in the kitchen making dinner. May Allah always keep their bond strong, Ameen. […]

  • Syria Part III

    Yesterday we attended an event about the Syrian Revolution.  Mashallah it was a good event with four different speakers raising awareness of what is happening there.  Both my husband and I went so that we could rotate taking turns watching […]

  • 100 Ways to be Kind to your Child

    [Taken from : http://creativewithkids.com/ ] Tell to your child: 1. I love you.2. love you no matter what.3. I love you even when you are angry at me.4. I love you even when I am angry with you.5. I love you when […]

  • Syria


    Last year when there was a major drought in East Africa, Yusuf picked up on it.  He heard people talking about it at gatherings and saw fundraising flyers being handed out at the mesjid.  I could tell it really affected […]

  • To the loves of my life…

    To the loves of my life…

    My Dear Yusuf and Ibraheem, You are both too young to understand what I am about to say to you in this letter, but one day, when the time is right, I will give this to you and hope that […]

  • Love You Forever

    Love You Forever

    Tonight before bed we read “Love You Forever.”  After I finished reading it, I told Yusuf that one day hes going to be big and have a wife, and kids, and a house, and a car, and a job and […]

  • Muhammad


    Yesterday we attended a Fundraising event for a local organization called SMILE. Check it out here. Yes that’s Yusuf on the flyer mashaAllah. That picture was taken two years ago when Yusuf met this little boy named Muhammad and wouldn’t […]

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