• Skits


    Alhamduillah we are so blessed to be apart of a homeschooling co op where the kids get to learn seerah, tafseer, science and drama. ¬†Recently the kids performed two skits for the parents. ¬†One was demonstrating the series of events […]

  • My Friends

    My Friends

    Today at Deen class the kids learned that the word ‘Sahabah’ means the companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. They learned some names of the sahabah such as : Abu Bakr, Uthmaan, Ali, Umer, and Bilal. Then they did this […]

  • Seerah Mobile

    Seerah Mobile

    Today in deen class, it was my turn to be the the teacher. The topic was the children of the Prophet SAW… so we made a mobile with different shapes n colors that had the names of the children on […]

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