• Structures


    The other day we studied structures.  It all started when we went to Penang and Yusuf was really interested in the bridges there.   Since I’m not too strong in science, we watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy video […]

  • Stunning!

    My kids are at a class right now but when they come home I will have to show them this!SubhanAllah!Click here Share This:

  • Science Centre

    Science Centre

    Alhamdulillah for being apart of a local homeschooling group. Today we had a fieldtrip to the science centre. The older kids got to participate in a discovery class where they pretended to be detectives, we checked out a space exhibit, […]

  • Kitchen Science

    Kitchen Science

    Someone gave this to the boys when Summaiya was born so we pulled it out today. It has a few different experiments and today wr did the rocket launcher. We just puy vinegar and baking soda in a tube n […]

  • Science Fair

    Science Fair

    Last weekend we took part in a homeschooling Science Fair.  Mashallah it was awesome and Im so happy to be apart of a group where my son can participate in such things!  The science fair was planned a few months […]

  • Magnets and Water

    Magnets and Water

    Alhamdulillah for the last few months we have been attending Arabic and Science classes for homeschoolers.  This has been a huge help for me and makes me feel less guilty on days that I don’t do much with the boys […]

  • Science Center… 4th time this year

    Science Center… 4th time this year

    We bought a membership for the science center and alhamduliah were getting good use out of it. This was our fourth trip since January. This time we went with Baba and we also went to the IMAX which Yusuf really […]

  • Temperature Chart

    Temperature Chart

    Yusuf and I started to do this simple chart. I just wrote the numbers -20 to 35 and we check the temperature on anad then he puts a dot beside the number. Theres no reason why some dots are […]

  • The Science of Pee

    Yusuf has always had this obsession with drinking bath water! I used to discourage him from it but wasnt too strict about it until his little brother started sharing the bathtub with him…however, Yusuf was still determined to drink it. […]

  • Science Center

    Science Center

    Me and the boys at the waterfall(since we went with alot of kids, we had special red playgroup shirts made) Yusuf’s ‘friend’ teaching him about camoflage Ibby ‘helping’ Yusuf build a ramp Checking out the skull Alhamdulilah we had a […]