• Trip to Ripley's

    Trip to Ripley’s

    My grandmother gifted us tickets for Ripley’s Aquarium.  Alhamdulillah we had an awesome time.  We used to do tons of day tips like this in Malaysia, we we even visited the Aquaria there, but it’s been a while since we’ve […]

  • Science Centre

    Science Centre

    One of the main reasons we moved back was to be apart of our amazing homeschooling community here in Canada.  Alhamdulillah there are so many trips, classes and events always taking place. Can’t explain how excited I am to be […]

  • Random Baba Experiment

    Random Baba Experiment

    Baba came home one day wanting to do this. Milk + food colouring + dish soap = excitement! Plus things are always a little extra exciting when Baba is around. Share This:

  • Moving colors!

    Moving colors!

    As an extension of the colored flower experiment, we did this paper towel experiment. It was pretty cool Mashallah n kids really enjoyed it… Okay I’ll admit I did too! 🙂 Share This:

  • Colored Flower Science

    Colored Flower Science

    We did this experiment with some of our friends. However because of guests and being busy we didn’t get to fill in the observations as much as I had hoped, but it was interesting nonetheless. Share This:

  • Simple Machines Cont’d

    Simple Machines Cont’d

    The boys continued their simple machines unit with Pops yesterday.  MashaAllah they’re really enjoying it and learning alhamdulillah.   For the print out, click here.  Share This:

  • Teacher Pops and Simple Machines

    Teacher Pops and Simple Machines

    Today Pops started doing some science lessons on simple machines with the boys.  MashaAllah they’re learning things that I don’t even know. And alhamdulilalh they have the extra advantage of having some bonding time with their Pops. Right now they […]

  • Phases of The Moon

    Phases of The Moon

    Alhamdulillah we have been able to establish a playgroup here in Malaysia which is a huge relief for us. Having a weekly get together with other homeschooling families has always served as a great sense of support for us. We […]

  • Diaper Science

    Diaper Science

    This was a really fun and simple science experiment we did this week.  We got there idea from here. Checked out two dry diapers. Added two and a half cups of water to see how much the diaper could absorb. […]

  • Science Wednesdays

    Science Wednesdays

    Since were living in Malaysia where it rains a  lot (and mosoon season is around the corner), we have been talking a lot about the water cycle.  This week we reviewed and continued it from last week. Here are some […]