• The Momma Guilt!

    A friend of mine posted this today – click here – and since I love reading blogs, I waited til the boys were in bed n quickly sat down to skim through the list.  Two hours later Im left with […]

  • When were older…

    Today Yusuf and I had a discussion about when we (my huband and I) will be older. Im not sure how it began but mashaallah it went well. Yusufs friend has a great grandfather who lives with him because he […]

  • A pet?

    MashaAllah Yusuf turned four today! I cant believe how fast time flies! Please remember him in your prayers.. may Allah give him (and all our children) a long life filled with emaan, taqwa, love and happiness. And may He always […]

  • Bath Time Books

    Today I decided Ill try something new : reading books to the boys while they played in the bath (since they LOVE the water).  So as I was running the bath water I told Yusuf to go get some books […]

  • Neat Math

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