• Bookshelf


    Another peak at our ever changing work/ play space. Share This:

  • My New Happy Place

    My New Happy Place

    Alhamdulillah, loving my new happy place.  We’re a little tight on space at the moment, but I got this desk off my mom and put it in my bedroom.  I think having a place like this really makes a difference […]

  • Calming Spray

    Calming Spray

    I’m a strong believer in the effect of senses on one’s mood.  For me, smells really have a positive (or negative) effect on the way I feel, which in turn effects the way I act.  I love the smell of […]

  • Kids’ Room

    Kids’ Room

    I’ve always loved looking at pictures of other peoples workspaces and kids’ rooms so I decided to share some of ours.  At the moment we are living with extended family so we don’t have too much of our own space, […]

  • On Grief.

    On Grief.

      This summer, my grandfather died. His death was the first one I have ever experienced. His death and my loss have nothing do with curricula, activity ideas or anything academic.  But grieving has been a process that has affected […]

  • The Tongue

    The Tongue

    When they stick their tongue out while concentrating. <3 Share This:

  • Canada VS Malaysia

    Canada VS Malaysia

    We have been hear nearly two months now and alhamdulilah I am feeling more and more comfortable and familiar here… but its still not home.  MashaAllah there are things I love about Malaysia, but obviously things I miss about Canada. […]

  • Free Entertainment

    Free Entertainment

    Who needs a TV when you can watch the garbage truck from your bedroom window? Share This:

  • Nesting…

    …has begun.  The clutter in my house is creating clutter in my brain but my body cannot keep up = ( Share This:

  • why WE homeschool

    I know its been really slow around here with my posts! Inshaallah I plan on being more regular.  The main reason why I had the long break in posting was because we had a pretty long break in homeschooling.  In […]