• Ramadan Pillow Cases

    Ramadan Pillow Cases

    We took old pillow cases and used fabric paint to make special Ramadan pillow cases!  🙂 Share This:

  • Ramadan with Kids

    Ramadan with Kids

    This Ramadan one of my goals is to really focus on the kids.  To make it special and beneficial inshaAllah.  We are spending this Ramadan with cousins, so alhamdulillah we have more kids around plus all the kids are older […]

  • Ramadan


    Alhamdulillah living in a Muslim country provided us the opportunity to visit many different Mesjids this Ramadan.I hope the kids appreciate and remember all of these experiences… If not, the blog will inshallah serve as a good reminder 🙂 Share […]

  • Allahumma balighna Ramadan

    Allahumma balighna Ramadan

    Summaiya has been feverish this week and Baba has also hurt his back, so Im a tad sleep deprived and brain dead so the only homeschooling that were doing today is colouring. Yusuf drew Baba with a Malaysian bead and […]

  • Fasting is a Shield

    Fasting is a Shield

    Yusuf learned the Hadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad) that fasting is a shield (from bad deeds)…so, we made a shield out of a paper plate and tin foil.  Taken from this blog – click here. Share This:

  • Dua List

    Since the last ten nights have approached, Yusuf and I were talking about laylatul qadr.  For those readers who arent aware of what laylatul qadr is, it is called the night of power and this is the night which Allah […]

  • Ramadan Mubarak!!

    Ramadan Mubarak!!

    Asalamualikum and Ramadan Mubarak!!I miss my blog! We have been pretty busy with a new addition to the family mashaAllah (a cousin, not a sibbling! lol). Along with that excitement we worked really hard to prepare for Ramadan to inshaallah […]

  • Ramadan Bulletin Board

    Ramadan Bulletin Board

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