• Boys Need Men

    Boys Need Men

    Alhamdulillah the boys are so blessed to have men in their lives whom they can spend time with, look up to, and learn from.  May Allah always keep them surrounded by good role models and bring them up to be […]

  • Grandparents are one of the best inventions.

    Grandparents are one of the best inventions.

    Though living abroad has had its difficult moments…. It’s times like this but I can’t help but smile. Alhamdulilah for having amazing grandparents for my kids. Share This:

  • Fireflies


    When Naani and Pops were here we went to a place where we took a boat on a river at night time to see thousands of fireflies.  It was amazing! Subhanallah! It felt like a dream. Share This:

  • Simple Machines Cont’d

    Simple Machines Cont’d

    The boys continued their simple machines unit with Pops yesterday.  MashaAllah they’re really enjoying it and learning alhamdulillah.   For the print out, click here.  Share This:

  • Lego


    I had some homework planned for the boys before we go out today… but they got caught up in some serious Lego building, which I totally don’t mind. I LOVE when they play with Lego.  Love love love Lego = […]

  • Teacher Pops and Simple Machines

    Teacher Pops and Simple Machines

    Today Pops started doing some science lessons on simple machines with the boys.  MashaAllah they’re learning things that I don’t even know. And alhamdulilalh they have the extra advantage of having some bonding time with their Pops. Right now they […]

  • Langkawi – Mangroves

    Langkawi – Mangroves

    Ibby’s journal entry for Mangrove trip  Naani and Pops <3 Fam Pic Shells!  They were amazing mashallah Checkin out the monkies Our tour guide.  He was awesome.  Taught us so many interesting things like:-If you’re ever lost in the jungle, […]

  • Langkawi – Snorkeling

    Langkawi – Snorkeling

    Alhamdulillah we had a really nice family vacation with the grandparents to an island in Malaysia called Langkwawi.  MashaAllah it was awesome 🙂 Boarding the plane for the one hour flight On the plane with Naani Playing chess in the […]