• On Grief.

    On Grief.

      This summer, my grandfather died. His death was the first one I have ever experienced. His death and my loss have nothing do with curricula, activity ideas or anything academic.  But grieving has been a process that has affected […]

  • Being in the Trenches…

    Being in the Trenches…

    Priceless words of wisdom from a fellow homeschooler.  I am strongly considering printing this and putting it up on my wall! “Homeschooling is like being in the trenches – you’re surrounded by an army you created all by yourself. Prepare to […]

  • Your Pain Will Make You Beautiful

    Your Pain Will Make You Beautiful

    Yusuf, Today my heart hurt for you.  It really, actually physically hurt for you. After class today, you were acting strange.  Like the annoying, misbehaving-but-actually-trying-to-act-tough kinda strange.  I could see past the attitude that there was confusion and pain.  And […]

  • Reminder


    This really hit home for me. I feel like sometimes (okay, a lot of times) Im so focused on correcting my kids behaviour and trying to redirect them that I forget to focus on the fact that they’re little people, with their own strengths […]

  • What We’re Supposed To Do

    What We’re Supposed To Do

    Today we were supposed to do your science homework, but instead you played with the bugs you caught outside.     We were supposed to put your laundry away, but instead you checked out the plants in the garden.   […]

  • Scream Free Parenting

    Scream Free Parenting

     There are few books that I really read cover to cover.  As much as Id like to be an avid reader, I just cant find the time.  However I do come across books now and then that are worth the […]

  • Oh Yusuf….

    Oh Yusuf….

    How you drive me crazy and melt my heart both at the same time. Share This: