• Syria cont’d

    Syria cont’d

    Yesterday Baba went to the dollar store to get money rolls for all the money that Yusuf has collected.  This morning after breakfast the four of us (Ibby too!) sat down, sorted, counted and rolled all the change.  [We could […]

  • Garage Sale

    Garage Sale

    Once again weve been keeping super busy and I havent had much time for myself, let alone the blog. So heres what weve been up to. We recently had a garage sale to raise money for our playgoup. Alhamduliah we […]

  • Money Circle Time

    Money Circle Time

    Today we did a circle time about money.After our usual things we do : surahs, songs and books, we read a book about coins. Then we opened Yusuf’s money bank and sorted all his coins. After we sorted and counted […]