• IXL


    I’ve always tried to avoid technology when it comes to learning, but, I have finally caved in.  My husband has always been in favour of online learning and has successfully convinced me of it’s benefits.  We have signed up for […]

  • Ibby – MathUSee

    Ibby – MathUSee

    Ibby started MathUSee recently.  Mashallah he is really eager to learn.  🙂 Share This:

  • 3D Shapes City

    3D Shapes City

    Yusuf has recently been learning about 3D Shapes in his Canadian Curriculum book we’ve been working through. To give him some hands on experience we made some shapes out of paper. He decided he wanted to make a city out […]

  • Math Monday

    Math Monday

    On Monday we focused on Math.Some of the activities we had in our workboxes were: -MathUSee-Measuring Objects around the house (I made a list on a sheet of paper and Yusuf used a ruler to measure the things).  I also […]

  • Counting in Malay

    Counting in Malay

    Were trying to learn how to count in Malay.  I made this chart today and we’ve been listening to this video on youtube, click here. Share This:

  • Lego Counting

    Lego Counting

    One of Ibby’s workbox activities today.  MashaAllah he loved it and it was so simple to put together. Share This:

  • Lego Sorting

    Lego Sorting

    Today one of Ibby’s work box activity was to sort lego onto matching pieces of paper.  He ended up only sorting a few and then he went ahead and made a castle instead. which was fine with me.  As long […]

  • Build a Mesjid

    Build a Mesjid

    The boys got this for an Eid gift and we really enjoy it. Its a cute but simple game that even Ibby is able to play.  You pick up cards while trying to collect the most coins.  There are also […]

  • Syria cont’d

    Syria cont’d

    Yesterday Baba went to the dollar store to get money rolls for all the money that Yusuf has collected.  This morning after breakfast the four of us (Ibby too!) sat down, sorted, counted and rolled all the change.  [We could […]

  • Arabic Math

    Arabic Math

    We havent been doing much sit down homeschooling lately. But we did recently do some Arabic Math. We did addition with plastic eggs in bowls. Alhamdulilah Yusuf did really well. And of course Ibby had to help. = )We havent […]