• Shopping


    Being abroad makes you appreciate and miss the little things that you didn’t pay much attention to when you back home.  For me, Dollarama is one of the things I really miss especially since were home a lot more! A […]

  • Counting in Malay

    Counting in Malay

    Were trying to learn how to count in Malay.  I made this chart today and we’ve been listening to this video on youtube, click here. Share This:

  • Aquaria


    Things are different in Malaysia.  In Canada, I had the car, all day, everyday.  And we were out, a lot. I refuse to drive here for two reasons: 1. Its on the opposite sides and traffic is so crazy and […]

  • And so it begins….

    And so it begins….

    Here are a few snapshots of our first moments here in Malaysia. Shopping has been an adventure…we hardly know any name brands or  products.  Sometimes its annoying, sometimes its funny but overall its fun 🙂 Alhamdulillah so far there has […]

  • Back Online Alhamdulilah!

    Back Online Alhamdulilah!

    Alhamdulilah, after about three weeks of being offline, Im finally back!Its been a crazy last few weeks to say the least!  Its actually felt like months, but were slowly pulling our life back together. The kids are doing well, mashallah. […]

  • Women


    I love how they have curtosy parking for women in underground garages…and how you see hijabis in adds 🙂 Share This:

  • Shopping


    To attempt to get over our jetlag we stayed out all day yesterday.  We went to Tescos n looked around.  We found a few name brands we recognized…but lotsa things were new to us. I found it interesting that they […]

  • Learning along the way….

    Susu = milkHotcake = pancakesAwas = cautionBerhenti = stopTescos = walmart equivelentDamansara = success (most areas have this word in it, kinda like street or drive)Jaya = local grocery recommend by a friendKeluar = exit999 = 911 There is one […]

  • Totally Jetlagged

    Totally Jetlagged

    Its 4am and were all wide awake. We laid down at 4pm to have a short nap, but apparently we wete more tired than we thought. The boys are checking out KL from the 15th floor of the building were […]

  • New Home

    New Home

    Alhamdulilah we have arrived, after a very long and tiring journey, to our new home. Mashallah Yusuf was an amazing traveller, he slept most of the time and was a big help. Summaiya was good as well and slept a […]

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