• Moments like these…

    Moments like these…

    …melt my heart mashaAllah <3 Especially when they spontaneously took out the books and blanket and positioned themselves on the sofa like this together, all while I was busy in the kitchen making dinner. May Allah always keep their bond strong, Ameen. […]

  • Train


      Last night we read one of our favorite bedtime story books called Hold Tight!  Its a super cute book mashallah.  And because I had cleaned out my closet and had an extra box laying around I told Yusuf we […]

  • Arabic Alphabet Lapbook

    Arabic Alphabet Lapbook

    I was really excited to try this project that a friend of mine showed me. I took two file folders and stapled them together, then make a bunch of small booklets and glued them on. Every day were gonna do […]

  • Preschool Class

    Preschool Class

    Today we went to the preschool class. They practiced their names (writing and with stickers) and made a snow picture. Share This:

  • Bath Time Books

    Today I decided Ill try something new : reading books to the boys while they played in the bath (since they LOVE the water).  So as I was running the bath water I told Yusuf to go get some books […]

  • Arabic Around the House

    Arabic Around the House

    Alhamdulilah Yusuf is really enjoying his new Arabic classes. From Oct – Dec he attended a class further away from our house and he was really enjoying it.. but.. the kids were ages 3-6 yrs and it was a larger […]

  • Hooked on Phonics

    Hooked on Phonics

    MashaAllah Yusuf is showing alot of interest in reading these days. Alhamdulillah he is able to read 3 letter words. I bought this Emaan book series from Sound Vision [where his arabic classes are] and hes enjoying them. My sister […]

  • Labelling Body Parts

    Labelling Body Parts

    We traced Yusuf back in Ramadan to make a good deeds poster. It was hanging on his door but Ibby started ripping it any chance he could so we took it down n put it in the storage room. I […]

  • Labels


    Yusuf is really into sounding things out these days so we took sticky notes and lebeled things around the house [including Ibby, but I forgot to take a picture]. I did this activity with him last year but that was […]

  • White Board Writing

    White Board Writing

    Were still using the white board to write. Today I took it off the wall and put it on the floor for him which he enjoyed. I also wrote some words for him to copy which mashaAllah he did really […]

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