• Back to Home School and the Emotional Roller Coaster that comes Along With It

    Back to Home School and the Emotional Roller Coaster that comes Along With It

    To My Three Babies,  You are growing up, and its scaring me.  By all means, Im loving the slight increase of physical independence and all that, but, really, it can be scary.  Like form-a-knot-in-my-stomach type scary. As the summer heat […]

  • Be The Change - In light of recent events, I wrote this letter to my children.

    Be The Change

    To My Babies, Today we went for Jummuah.  The khutbah was short and sweet and as usual, a refreshing reminder.  The imam spoke of the arrival of Syrian refugees and encouraged us to be supportive in helping the newcomers settle. You […]

  • On Grief.

    On Grief.

      This summer, my grandfather died. His death was the first one I have ever experienced. His death and my loss have nothing do with curricula, activity ideas or anything academic.  But grieving has been a process that has affected […]

  • Your Pain Will Make You Beautiful

    Your Pain Will Make You Beautiful

    Yusuf, Today my heart hurt for you.  It really, actually physically hurt for you. After class today, you were acting strange.  Like the annoying, misbehaving-but-actually-trying-to-act-tough kinda strange.  I could see past the attitude that there was confusion and pain.  And […]

  • Oh The Places You’ll Go!

    Oh The Places You’ll Go!

    Dear Ibby, Today you were supposed to do your homework.  You haven’t done your Canadian Curriculum in almost a week.  You need to practice your writing and your math.  Just as you finished your Arabic homework, we were supposed to move […]

  • Eight


    Dear Yusuf, Oh Yusuf.  My sweet Yusuf.  My eldest, baby, big boy, Yusuf. How I wish I could slow time down with you.  Of all three of my children, you seem to grow the fastest.  If you only knew how […]

  • A letter.

    A letter.

    My Dear Yusuf, Ibraheem, and Summaiya… This letter is months over due, but I can assure you that I have a good reason for being delayed.  In six months we have moved four times, and just shortly after our family […]

  • To the loves of my life…

    To the loves of my life…

    My Dear Yusuf and Ibraheem, You are both too young to understand what I am about to say to you in this letter, but one day, when the time is right, I will give this to you and hope that […]

  • Boys!


    If you told me five years ago that Id be a mom to two boys, two years apart, I would have probably been scared. When I was pregnant with Yusuf I wanted a girl. But Allah blessed me with a […]