• Quran Stories with Lego

    Quran Stories with Lego

    I found this awesome website mashallah!It has lots of Quran stories illustrated with Lego.Check it out here! Share This:

  • Lego


    I love Lego. It keeps the kids busy. It sparks they’re imagination. It brings them together. I hate picking up Lego! Accidently stepping on it kills! I get annoyed at bending down to pick it up. I know some moms […]

  • ‘SuperStrike’


    The boys love making Lego n sometimes they make some really cool things. I told them I’d start taking pics of what they make to post them on the blog so they can look back at it. Share This:

  • Ibby’s Lego Class # 5

    Ibby’s Lego Class # 5

    Ibby made a T–Rex. Share This:

  • Ibby’s Lego Class

    Ibby’s Lego Class

    Alhamdulillah we have enrolled Ibby in a weekly Lego class. We felt it was important for the boys to get some individual time so Yusuf is not enrolled.  The boys are very different, Yusuf is very outgoing and talkative.  Ibby […]

  • Lego


    I had some homework planned for the boys before we go out today… but they got caught up in some serious Lego building, which I totally don’t mind. I LOVE when they play with Lego.  Love love love Lego = […]

  • Lego Counting

    Lego Counting

    One of Ibby’s workbox activities today.  MashaAllah he loved it and it was so simple to put together. Share This:

  • Lego Sorting

    Lego Sorting

    Today one of Ibby’s work box activity was to sort lego onto matching pieces of paper.  He ended up only sorting a few and then he went ahead and made a castle instead. which was fine with me.  As long […]

  • Lego


    Ibby loves to make stairs 🙂 Share This: