• IXL


    I’ve always tried to avoid technology when it comes to learning, but, I have finally caved in.  My husband has always been in favour of online learning and has successfully convinced me of it’s benefits.  We have signed up for […]

  • Letter to my Future Self

    Letter to my Future Self

    Yusuf hates writing. I have been trying to find different ways to prompt his writing.  And one thing I thought to do was to get him to write a letter to his future self.  It was interesting.  From his answers, […]

  • Learning along the way….

    Susu = milkHotcake = pancakesAwas = cautionBerhenti = stopTescos = walmart equivelentDamansara = success (most areas have this word in it, kinda like street or drive)Jaya = local grocery recommend by a friendKeluar = exit999 = 911 There is one […]

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