• Be The Change - In light of recent events, I wrote this letter to my children.

    Be The Change

    To My Babies, Today we went for Jummuah.  The khutbah was short and sweet and as usual, a refreshing reminder.  The imam spoke of the arrival of Syrian refugees and encouraged us to be supportive in helping the newcomers settle. You […]

  • How Parents Push their Children Away from Islam

    “And that is the question every parent (myself included) must ask themselves: “Can my child see the beauty of Islam in me?” Too often, children are left to think, “What do I need Islam for? It hasn’t done much for […]

  • Twins of Faith

    Twins of Faith

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  • Prerequisites of Being a Wonderful Parent

    Prerequisites of Being a Wonderful Parent

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  • Hadith

    Maybe we can memorize this one before the nuniyah 🙂 mashallah is so beautiful.  Yusuf heard it playing right now and he was confused, he asked me if it was Quran.  He was unsure.  I think it is so amazing […]

  • Beautiful Poem

    Would really like for the boys to memorize this one day inshaAllah..Click here Share This:

  • Geography and Orphans

    Geography and Orphans

    Yusuf has been showing a lot of interest in different countries and people from different countries.  I got a few books from the library and we’ve been looking at maps. Back in Ramadan our family sponsored five orphans and alhamdulillah […]

  • Jummuah Journals

    One of the many things that I love about homeschooling is that we are able to go for Jummuah (Friday Prayers) just about every single week together as a family alhamdulillah.  I find it to be a really nice family […]

  • Syria


    Last year when there was a major drought in East Africa, Yusuf picked up on it.  He heard people talking about it at gatherings and saw fundraising flyers being handed out at the mesjid.  I could tell it really affected […]

  • Family Roadtrip to Ottawa

    Family Roadtrip to Ottawa

    Alhamdulillah last weekend we enjoyed our family road trip to Ottawa for the AlKauthar conference.  Mashallah we had a lot of fun and Im really glad we went. What I packed in their backpacks.  CD books, books, stickers, paper, a […]