• A little twist on the interview series...

    Father Files: Mahmood

    Alright, it’s time to give this interview series a little twist.  It’s time to hear from homeschooling fathers!  Just like our moms, dads also come from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Regardless of their unique contributions, they all have a […]

  • Interview with Bilqees

    Interview with Bilqees

    Welcome Bilqees!  She is a true superstar, mashaAllah!  A  veteran homeschooler of fourteen years and currently a single mom to five kids.  Bilqees is a very talented florist and has her own company, Zuhoor Designs.  Three of her kids have formed […]

  • Mom of three who has homeschooled in three different countries.

    Interview with Rafia

    Welcome Rafia from Rawdah tul’ilm!  She is a Waldorf and Charlotte Mason inspired mother of three.  She has mashaAllah lived and homeschooled in three countries over the last few years.  Her nurturing and kind nature fills your heart with love and inspiration. […]

  • Interview with Ashley

    Interview with Ashley

    Welcome Ashley!  She is an eclectic unschooler mother of four from the outskirts of GTA.  Grab a cup of tea (if the kids let you) and enjoy….. BACKGROUND How many kids do you have and what are their ages?  How […]

  • Interview with Roda

    Interview with Roda

    Welcome Roda!  She is a fellow homeschooler from GTA and has a lot of positive energy and insight to offer. Grab a cup of tea (if the kids let you) and enjoy….. BACKGROUND How many kids do you have and […]

  • Evangeline from Handmade Beginnings

    Evangeline from Handmade Beginnings

    Welcome to my first (of hopefully many) interview feature.  Recently homeschooling has really been increasing and I believe there are now more than ever, new families out there looking for answers.  And, there are also homeschoolers, such as myself, who […]

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