• Interview with Shehnaz

    Interview with Shehnaz

    Welcome Shehnaz!  She is a mother of three who has a background in geography, professional writing along with a teaching degree.  Her and her family are greatly involved in a centre called Understanding Islam Academy which hosts and supports the […]

  • Interview with Natalie

    Interview with Natalie

    Welcome Natalie!  She is an inspirational Momma who is working  towards her ECE and putting her talents to use for the greater good of the community.  She opened a half-day, play-based early years program in her home.  She pours her heart […]

  • Interview with Ayesha

    Interview with Ayesha

    Welcome Ayesha!  She is a mother of five (including twins!) who homeschools her children primarily in fusha (classical) Arabic, despite the fact that she is not a native arab, mashaAllah.  Her dedication to the language of the Quran is inspirational […]

  • Interview with Ambareen

    Interview with Ambareen

    Welcome Ambareen!  She is an eclectic homeschooler of six mashaAllah.  Not only has she successfully homeschooled her children for over a decade, she has written two chapter books, with a third one on it’s way.  Be sure to check out […]

  • Interview with TMH Admins

    Interview with TMH Admins

    Alhamdulilah it’s so good to be back at the blog after a little bit of a break (due to life ‘getting in the way’)!  As always, I am so honoured that not just one, but all three of the admins […]

  • Interview with Reena

    Interview with Reena

    Welcome Reena!  She is a sister who works in the health promotion field and strives to empower women to have a united mind, body and soul.  She offers workshops to women and girls residing in the GTA promoting mental health wellness. […]

  • Interview with Madiha

    Interview with Madiha

    Welcome Madiha!  This interview is very close to my heart, as the eldest child of this family happens to by my eldest’s very best friend. Madiha and I have been pregnant together and through the ups and downs of homeschooling […]

  • Father Files: Cengiz

    Father Files: Cengiz

    Welcome Cengiz!  He is a father of four mashaAllah and teacher by profession.  Him and his wife have been homeschooling for about six years now and currently reside in Turkey.  What were your first impressions of homeschooling? My first encounter […]


    Interview with Bariah

    Welcome Bariah!  A mother of four children, including one with Autism, she is a nature loving, honest, awesome person who will definitely make you smile.  Raw and refreshing, she is the true definition of inspiration.  Grab a cup of chai (if the […]

  • Interview with Gemma

    Interview with Gemma

      Welcome Gemma!  She is our first guest from overseas all the way from UK.  Gemma is a veterinary surgeon (how cool!)  and now works as a freelance writer, passionately advocating home education.  When she is not frantically trying to keep […]

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