• Mom of three who has homeschooled in three different countries.

    Interview with Rafia

    Welcome Rafia from Rawdah tul’ilm!  She is a Waldorf and Charlotte Mason inspired mother of three.  She has mashaAllah lived and homeschooled in three countries over the last few years.  Her nurturing and kind nature fills your heart with love and inspiration. […]

  • Being in the Trenches…

    Being in the Trenches…

    Priceless words of wisdom from a fellow homeschooler.  I am strongly considering printing this and putting it up on my wall! “Homeschooling is like being in the trenches – you’re surrounded by an army you created all by yourself. Prepare to […]

  • I like.

    I like.

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  • Painting Beauty to Children

    Taken from ABeautifulHealth blog. <3 When my oldest child was around three it was easy to amuse him with simple pleasures. As adults, we contribute to our child’s world view by choosing to present or not to present certain aspects […]

  • Back to (Home)School

    Back to (Home)School

    September always makes me think. It makes me think about the what ifs, it makes me think about the whys and it makes me think about what homeschooling means to me as a mother, and us as a family.I remember […]

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