• One of those days….

    One of those days….

    Today’s just one of those days where I didn’t get out of my PJs til after lunch, the house is a mess and I feel a cold coming on.  Mashallah the boys are being awesome.  They’re making up all these […]

  • Marbles


    I was cleaning the kitchen so i sent the boys down to play in the basement. They made their own game using an empty box, strip of paper and marbles. Summaiya and i came to spectate…. Mashallah i love when […]

  • Maze


    Yusuf made a maze with his blocks. It was an all day project and I only managed to get a picture half way through.  By the end of the day his wooden blocks had also been added as well. Share […]

  • Recycling


    As a child I remember always making things out of recycled items!  Whenever Id want to give a family member a gift, I would usually make it myself.  MashaAllah Yusuf is now becoming more independent and creative.  He mostly wants […]

  • Train


      Last night we read one of our favorite bedtime story books called Hold Tight!  Its a super cute book mashallah.  And because I had cleaned out my closet and had an extra box laying around I told Yusuf we […]

  • Doorbell


    Yusuf decided he needed a doorbell for his room. Completely his idea. We now have three around the house. Share This: