• Ta


    Alhamdulilah we have a regular Quran teacher coming to our house now to teach the boys.  They really like him and are benefiting mashallah.  Ibby has started letter recognition and writing as well. He really puts an effort into writing […]

  • Good Deeds

    Good Deeds

    We traced Ibby the other day… can you tell he wouldn’t stop moving?  We coloured it and have been putting good deed cards around it which alhamdulillah has encouraged him to practice those deeds.   We got the set here […]

  • Lego Sorting

    Lego Sorting

    Today one of Ibby’s work box activity was to sort lego onto matching pieces of paper.  He ended up only sorting a few and then he went ahead and made a castle instead. which was fine with me.  As long […]

  • Progress


    Ibbys come a long way… hes beginning to enjoy painting more. Hes not crazy about his hands geting dirty, he randomly shows me his hands with a look of disgust, but then goes back to his masterpiece. Check out this […]

  • Markers


    Ibby made it clear to us that he was not into car painting. But, today Yusuf coloured a picture to send in the mail to my parents… and as usual, Ibby was trying to copy. So I got a big […]

  • Car Painting… with Ibby

    Car Painting… with Ibby

    I was really excited to do car painting with the boys…since Yusuf loved it last time.. and since Ibby loves cars and coping Yusuf, I thought it would be a hit. I tried so hard to convince him that it […]

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