• 30 Tips in Implementing Islamic Parenting

    30 Tips in Implementing Islamic Parenting

    [I dont have the reference for this article but it was sent to me and I wanted to share] Every parent desires that his child should grow up to be a pious, upright and productive individual.  This does not happen […]

  • Instilling Humility into Children

    Instilling Humility into Children

    A humble person is not someone who thinks he’s nothing. He knows he’s something, but he recognizes God as the source of his greatness. Thinking one is something without recognizing God as the source leads to arrogance. TAKE PLEASURE NOT […]

  • The Return to The Blog

    The Return to The Blog

    We’re baaaa-aaack!After a long break, a failed attempt at switching to a Facebook page, a trip to Canada and back, two kids becoming one year older, and Momma bear growing and learning a lot about herself, we’re back.  And Facebook was fun while […]

  • How do you do it? [Taken from a homeschooling forum]

    To Moms of One or Two Children How do you do it?  I’ve never counted, but I imagine the number of times I’ve been asked that question by Moms with one or two children is somewhere in the hundreds. I […]

  • Homeschool Burnout

    Homeschool Burnout

    I received a short, email from a friend last week that contained one long sentence – a plea for prayer for her homeschool.  In her exasperation she claimed that she was ready to put her kids in school and put […]

  • Back to (Home)School

    Back to (Home)School

    September always makes me think. It makes me think about the what ifs, it makes me think about the whys and it makes me think about what homeschooling means to me as a mother, and us as a family.I remember […]

  • Just one of those days….

    Just one of those days….

    I’ve spent the majority of the day hiding from my kids. I’ve made them play in the basement, let them watch two DVDs and to put it bluntly, anything to just stay out of my hair! It’s not their fault, […]

  • Survival

    I used to love mornings.  I used to love waking up early and getting a start to the day. However, it just recently occurred to me that Im not as chirpy in the morning as I used to be.I kept forcing myself […]

  • What I wish someone would have told me…

    I wouldn’t have believed what I wish someone had told me. I was so busy listening to the ‘experts’ that I almost missed out on many learning experiences. I wish that someone had told me that I am the expert. […]

  • A different kind of learning…

    I cant remember the last time I sat down with Yusuf to do math, or science, or english, or even deen studies/Arabic/Quran. Yesterday I had a slight case of Mommy-guilt in the morning, but when the kids were asleep, I […]