• Calming Spray

    Calming Spray

    I’m a strong believer in the effect of senses on one’s mood.  For me, smells really have a positive (or negative) effect on the way I feel, which in turn effects the way I act.  I love the smell of […]

  • Kids’ Room

    Kids’ Room

    I’ve always loved looking at pictures of other peoples workspaces and kids’ rooms so I decided to share some of ours.  At the moment we are living with extended family so we don’t have too much of our own space, […]

  • On the move again!

    On the move again!

    It’s official. We have decided to move back to Canada. It’s been an incredibly amazing time… but, it’s time to go home. We feel like it’s been an extended vacation… We’ve made priceless memories that we will cherish for life […]