• Hajj Banner

    Hajj Banner

    The kids each made their own kabahs and we made a banner for Eid ul Adha.  Share This:

  • Dhul Hijjah

    Dhul Hijjah

    Yusuf, a few years ago,at a playgroupHajj Demo MashaAllah we are blessed to reach these special days of Dhul Hijjah.  May Allah accept the good deeds from us and accept the Hajj of all those who were invited by Allah […]

  • To the loves of my life…

    To the loves of my life…

    My Dear Yusuf and Ibraheem, You are both too young to understand what I am about to say to you in this letter, but one day, when the time is right, I will give this to you and hope that […]

  • Hajj Playdate

    Hajj Playdate

    Our weekly playdate was at our house this week and we did a Hajj theme. I made a pretend kabah with a box on a table and then covered with a black cloth and wrapped my hijab around it. Here […]